How Do I Transfer Credits?

Once you apply, you will have a dedicated Admissions Advisor who will personally guide you through the process to ensure you begin with the maximum number of credits possible. This is how it will work:

  1. Submit your short online application, then log in to the UoPeople Portal to let us know you want to transfer credits.
  2. You will then be able to submit your transfer credit request by simply uploading your documents to the UoPeople Portal. Your Admissions Advisor can help you in this step.
  3. Once you have submitted your transfer credit request, the transfer credit team will review and evaluate your request, usually within 48 hours. You will be notified of the transfer credit team’s decision regarding your request via the UoPeople Portal and email. Credits earned through Sophia are guaranteed to transfer, however application of those courses depends on specific degree requirements and additional transfer credit that may be applied. Most Sophia courses will apply towards general education degree requirements.
  4. Up to 20 Sophia courses can be transferred to UoPeople at no cost. For additional courses, you will then pay $17 per approved course to transfer the credits to UoPeople.
  5. If applicable, all transfer credit fees need to be paid by the Application Deadline to be eligible to study in the upcoming term.
  6. If you have not completed your transfer credit request after 7 days, we will close the request in order to allow you to save your spot in the upcoming term. If you still want to submit a transfer request, you will be able to do so as a student.
  7. Please note that the preferred method of transcript delivery is Parchment. Instructions to access and download your transcript will be provided upon successful course completion.

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University of the People (UoPeople) and Sophia Learning have teamed up to offer greater flexibility and additional savings for students around the globe. Accessible anytime, anywhere, from your laptop, tablet or mobile device, Sophia’s self-paced courses let you earn general education credits on your schedule. Sophia’s general education courses are guaranteed to transfer into UoPeople’s undergraduate degree programs in business administration, health science, and computer science.

Prior to enrolling in Sophia courses, we recommend applying to the University of the People, if you haven't done so already. If you have previously earned credits outside of Sophia, we recommend you first transfer that coursework to UoPeople to ensure you are not duplicating courses. Once your prior transfer credits are reviewed by UoPeople, you can then view the course chart below to find the right Sophia courses that will help you complete your degree at UoPeople.

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Sophia Course U of People Course Credits Rating
Business Administration
Business Communication Business Communication BUS 1105 Business Communications   3
Business Law Business Law BUS 3305 Business Law and Ethics   3
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting BUS 1102 Basic Accounting   3
Introduction to Business Introduction to Business Elective   3
Macroeconomics Macroeconomics BUS 1104 Macroeconomics   3
Microeconomics Microeconomics BUS 1103 Microeconomics   3
Principles of Finance Principles of Finance BUS 2203 Principles of Finance 1   3
Principles of Management Principles of Management BUS 1101 Principles of Business Management   3
English Composition I English Composition I ENGL 1102 English Composition 2   3
English Composition II English Composition II ENGL 1102 English Composition 2   3
Foundations of English Composition Foundations of English Composition ENGL 1102 English Composition 2   3
Computer Science
Calculus I Calculus I MATH 1211 Calculus (3 Credits)   4
Introduction to Java Programming Introduction to Java Programming CS 1103 Programming 2   3
Introduction to Python Programming Introduction to Python Programming CS 1101 Programming Fundamentals / CS 1102 Programming 1   3
Introduction to Relational Databases Introduction to Relational Databases CS 2203 Databases 1   3
Introduction to Web Development Introduction to Web Development CS 2205 Web Programming 1   3
Career Readiness Career Readiness Elective   3
College Readiness College Readiness Elective   3
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution Elective   3
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Humanities   3
Developing Effective Teams Developing Effective Teams Elective   1
Foundations of Statistics Foundations of Statistics Elective   2
Human Biology Lab Human Biology Lab Elective   1
IT Career Exploration IT Career Exploration Elective   1
Introduction to Career Readiness Introduction to Career Readiness Elective   1
Introduction to Chemistry Lab Introduction to Chemistry Lab Natural Sciences and Technology   1
Introduction to Ethics Introduction to Ethics Values and Ethical Reasoning   3
Personal Finance Personal Finance BUS 2204 Personal Finance   3
Precalculus Precalculus MATH 1201 College Algebra   3
Project Management Project Management Elective   3
The Essentials of Managing Conflict The Essentials of Managing Conflict Elective   1
Visual Communications Visual Communications Humanities   3
Workplace Writing I Workplace Writing I Elective   3
Workplace Writing II Workplace Writing II Elective   3
General Education
Approaches to Studying Religions Approaches to Studying Religions Civilization Studies, Culture and Belief   3
Introduction to Chemistry Introduction to Chemistry Natural Sciences and Technology   3
Introduction to Information Technology Introduction to Information Technology Natural Sciences and Technology   3
Introduction to Nutrition Introduction to Nutrition HS 2611 Nutrition   3
Microbiology Microbiology Science   3
Public Speaking Public Speaking Social and Behavioural Sciences   3
Spanish I Spanish I Humanities or Elective   3
Spanish II Spanish II Humanities or Elective   3
U.S. Government U.S. Government Social Science   3
U.S. History I U.S. History I Humanities   3
U.S. History II U.S. History II Humanities   3
Workplace Communication Workplace Communication BUS 1105 Business Communications   3
Health Science; Social And Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration Introduction to Sociology SOC 1502 Introduction to Sociology   3
Ancient Greek Philosophers Ancient Greek Philosophers PHIL 1402 Introduction to Philosophy   3
Art History I Art History I AHIST 1401 Art History   3
Art History II Art History II AHIST 1401 Art History   3
Math Requirement
College Algebra College Algebra MATH 1201 College Algebra   3
Introduction to College Mathematics Introduction to College Mathematics MATH 1201 College Algebra   3
Natural Science
Environmental Science Environmental Science ENVS 1301 Introduction to Environmental Sciences   3
Human Biology Human Biology BIOL 1301 Introduction to Biology   3
Social and Behavioral Science
Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Psychology PSYC 1504 Introduction to Psychology   3
Statistics Requirement
Introduction to Statistics Introduction to Statistics MATH 1280 Introduction to Statistics   3

Other Sophia Courses

University of the People has not formally confirmed credit transfer for these courses. Please contact the school for approval.

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by Ashley B. on July 18, 2024
Good course. Touchstone was somewhat difficult.
by Anthony J. on July 18, 2024
This site is great. If it was up to me, I would recommend this site for everyone to take. It breaks down every aspect of your lesson and really lets you get a better understanding of what you are trying to learn. If I had taken this before just jumping into regular college courses, I'd be on the honor roll every semester. Thanks.
by PEACE U. on July 18, 2024
Very interesting and insightful course
by Kyla W. on July 18, 2024
The course started off beginner friendly and easy to comprehend and gradually got very complex and confusing for someone that has no experience in programming/coding.
by Jasmeen K. on July 18, 2024
Very informative and easy to follow, highly recommended.
by Ian Carlo A. on July 18, 2024
Long and arduous task.. I would love to outsource this job to those who really like it!!
by Jacob L. on July 18, 2024
The virtual lab was awesome to take part in, it definitely made learning the subject much easier to apply and felt like a real difference was being made.
by Harland C. on July 18, 2024
Ginny was great! She was quick and fair!